Otter 1200 and Longtail mud motor

Otter 1200 honkers and mallards

AJ Cecchettini grew up on the central coast of California where he spent his time in the Pacific Ocean surfing, hunting with his father, and juggling school sports all at the same time.  Being one of the main stops for Black Brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) in the Pacific flyway, but never having the funds to buy a boat and/or surface drive to navigate the shallow mud flats of the back bay, he missed out on a local opportunity to hunt a population of waterfowl that is not common to the rest of the state of California.

While on a business trip to Florida, on a whim AJ traveled to Palmetto, FL and met with Jon Dobbs, the North American distributor of SPS longtail mud motor kits.  What was initially just a trip to check out a product AJ found on ebay, now turned into a business relationship where AJ is the main contact for Longtail kits on the West Coast.  Being a newlywed, he had to ask for his wife’s blessing of course ;)

Anyone who hunts public land refuges in California knows how competitive it can be and how valuable it is to get away from the crowds.  What better way to distance yourself from other hunters by getting the most versatile and inexpensive mud motor on the market?

California Mud Motors is your one stop shop for a turn-key longtail mud motor system.  Our longtail kit has been in production since 1957, longer than any other mud motor in the world.  Coupled with today’s major production companies like Honda, Briggs and Stratton, and Predator, our longtails have a variety of options and prices to fit your needs.

There are three things you have to remember about hunting in California.  1.  Don’t Take it too seriously and have fun.  2. Take a junior hunting to pass on the heritage. 3. The only thing better than bringing a Junior is bringing your dog.

January in the Grasslands 2011

Here’s a few other activities that keep me sane when it’s not duck season.


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